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DIY and Save - Tri Cities Bouncin Bins Inflatable Rentals

 Pick up your own equipment and

$$$ SAVE BIG $$$


We have a large number of customers JUMP at the option of picking up their own inflatables and concessions to save money.  Additionally, we decided to extend the rental period from 1 to 4 days for a minimal additional charge (there is no additional charge as the price is the 4 hour price without having to pay the delivery fee. So however you want to word that).
This is how it works:  You reserve the bounce house, combo unit or wet unit by phone ($50 non-refundable booking fee is required(unless the total is over $500 then it is half), with the remainder paid 48 hours before pick up when one of our event coordinators will call you to confirm that everything is in order). 
On the Friday before the weekend, you pick up the unit at our office and are instructed on setup, take down and safe use of the equipment.  Call us (509.545.4465) for available pickup times (Friday's Only - Usually from 8am - 12pm (8-2)

On Monday, follow the supplied procedure to roll up the unit and return it to our office during the office hours of 8am - 12pm (8-2).  We load and unload your vehicle.
All that's needed is an SUV with a trailer, or Pickup Truck, and a desire to have an affordable weekend of fun. [Units returned late (except by prior arrangement) will be subject to additional rental fees.](Also please add that if we have to pick up there is an additional charge.)
Those inflatables are heavy! Rent a dolly for your event.
Warehouse Location

2520 Aileron Ln.
Richland, WA 99354